Jenkin Lloyd Jones and All Souls' Church

Emily R. Mace

W. T. Stead and the Civic Federation of Chicago

Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson

Swami Vivekananda and Hinduism in America

Michael J. Altman

Augustus Tolton and St. Monica's Parish

Matthew J. Cressler

Dwight L. Moody and the Chicago Bible Institute

Timothy E. W. Gloege

William Rainey Harper and the University of Chicago

Dan Koehler

Frances E. Willard and the Women's Christian Temperance Union

Rachel E. Bohlmann

Chicago's Jewish Community at Maxwell Street

Daniel Greene

William H. Carwardine and the Pullman Strike of 1894

Heath W. Carter

John Alexander Dowie and Zion City, Illinois

Stephanie Wolfe

Archbishop Patrick A. Feehan and Catholic Chicago

Monica Mercado

Emil G. Hirsch and Chicago Sinai Congregation

Tobias Brinkmann

Graham Taylor and the Chicago Commons

Anthony Todd

Emma Dryer and the Chicago Bible Society

Barbara Dobschuetz

The Sisters of Mercy and Religious Benevolence

Daniel Snow

Alexander Russell Webb and Islam in America

Justine Howe

Father Vincent Barzynski and Chicago's Polish Community

Michael J. Dziallo

Frank W. Gunsaulus and the Armour Institute of Technology

Maureen A. Flanagan

Reverdy C. Ransom and the Institutional Church and Social Settlement

Cornelius L. Bynum

T. W. Harvey and Harvey, Illinois

Courtney M. Baxter

John Henry Barrows and the World's Parliament of Religions

Richard Hughes Seager