Welcome to Faith in the City, a project that seeks to explore Chicago’s religious diversity in the era of the 1893 World’s Fair. You can interact with the content on this site in three main ways. First, you can simply explore the items on the map. Each dropped pin connects to a digitized image or text related to a religious community at that spot, while the open book icons point to a related scholarly essay. You can also see all of the items or essays at once by clicking on the appropiate link in the banner above.


Faith in the City is made possible by generous funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities’s “Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges” grant program and was developed by the Newberry's Dr. William M. Scholl Center for American History and Culture. The site is a final project of a much larger “Bridging Cultures” initiative at the Newberry titled “Out of Many: Religious Pluralism in America,” which sought to develop resources for integrating the history of America’s religious diversity in the classroom. 


The location of every item on this site is approximate. Project staff translated addresses listed in Chicago’s 1893 city directory into contemporary coordinates and then located items atop a current map of the city. In those instances where an exact location could not be determined, or in instances when a street or intersection is now gone, project staff either made their best guess or placed the item in the center of a block or intersection to note that the item’s precise location has been lost.

Project Team

Director: Christopher D. Cantwell, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Co-Director: Daniel Greene, Northwestern University

Contributing Curator: Stephanie Wolfe, Columbia University

Developers: Galecia Group

Newberry Library Staff (Past and Present):

Jennifer Thom, Director of Digital Initiatives and Services

Adam Strohm, Digital Initiatives Librarian

Catherine Gass, Digitization Specialist

Jennifer Wolfe, Digital Initiatives Librarian

Carmen Jaramillo, Scholl Center

Advisory Board

Martin Marty, University of Chicago Divinity School

Diana Eck, Harvard Divinity School

Kevin Schultz, University of Illinois at Chicago

Tisa Wenger, Yale University

More Information

For suggestions, feedback, and corrections, please contact scholl@newberry.org

For more information on this project’s design and goals, see Christopher D. Cantwell, “From Bookshelves to City Streets: Church Histories and the Mapping of Chicago’s Religious Diversity,” COLLECTIONS: A Journal for Museum and Archives Professionals 12:4 (2016): 433-444.

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